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Offering confidential inquiries and services for assistance programs, substance abuse, and DUI classes; beginning your journey back towards a happy and well-balanced life. Providing businesses, schools, individuals, and families with the necessary tools to battle addiction.


Educating and informing others through literature, films, speakers, and other comprehensive programs, the disease can be recognized and properly treated.

Ready or not, we can help!

Counseling for a purposeful life

We care for you

Light, love, and truth are synonymous terms that will enable you to step beyond the chaos associated with the deadly disease of addiction.


You may become threatened by darkness, in search of a light that will enable you to wake-up and to see the truth, of which will ensure your livelihood.


Addiction will be threatened by the light, often putting-up a fight against the truth. Depending on darkness, secretiveness, denial and minimization of its presence, addiction will do all it can to retain its evil grasp.


It is our collective mission to shed light upon your disease and provide you with the support you need as you fight your disease.  

Substance abuse care experts

A team behind you

A locally-owned outpatient service, including substance abuse counseling and education, employee assistance programs, information and referral services. Giving you the tools and teaching you the skills, enabling you to take charge of your life since 1987.


A community-based organization dedicated to fighting the disease of addiction at all costs, we offer all services on a sliding-scale fee, based on income. We will assist you in determining a financial plan that fits; services will not be refused to those who have the inability to pay.


Treatment is based upon a careful evaluation of the specific needs of the individual. Through the utilization of a variety of counseling approaches, including group and individual counseling, we will have you on the path towards recovery.

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